About Us

Dainty Diva Bows was started in 2009 by Marla Finn - a mom, entrepreneur and creative go-getter.  Marla was inspired by her little diva, Emmy, who was a princess at heart with a spunky attitude.  As an infant and toddler (and following in the footsteps of Mom), it took years for Emmy's hair to grow in!  But, once it did, hair accessories became a must - especially since we were living in the South at the time.  As we would say, "No Bow?  No Go!" Having trouble finding the perfect accessories for Emmy that didn't fall out of her then-fine hair, Marla decided it was time to use her creativity and teach herself how to make accessories that Emmy and any little girl would love.  It started with a need and grew out of love and it didn't take long before Dainty Diva Bows became so much more! 

In 2010, Marla's mom Marcia joined the business and added to the already growing line by creating fun key fobs for us older girls and moms and super stylish must have baby and toddler headbands for our divas.  Together, they continue to work on expanding the Dainty Diva Bows product line and continue to be inspired by Emmy and all of her friends.  In fact, that inspiration has expanded us into accessories for our HOME!  Think home decor, personalized gear and so much more!  What a journey this has been and continues to be!

Custom orders are always welcome at Dainty Diva Bows, as we strive to create the perfect accessory for your special events or simply for everyday.